About Disposable biodegradable tableware

1. What are the raw materials used in the disposable biodegradable tableware and their respective ratios? Conventional lunch boxes generally follow the ratio of 70%-90% sugarcane fiber + 10%-30% bamboo pulp fiber. Different tableware will also adjust different fiber ratios according to the product shape, angle, hardness, and stiffness. Of course, plant fibers such as wheat straw, wheat […]

Eco-friendly tableware contrast

Fully degradable tableware Using a wheat straw, sugar cane, reed, straw, and other annual herb fiber pulp through pulping, grouting (or suction, scooping), molding, shaping (or shaping), trimming, selection, disinfection, packaging, etc. The raw materials used are all recycled and renewable, and the physical pulping method does not produce black water and wastewater. Advantages of […]

Decomposition of Cornstarch disposable tableware

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Cornstarch disposable tableware is a biodegradable product. It uses corn starch as the primary raw material and is processed by high-tech production technology. It can be degraded under natural conditions, avoiding environmental pollution and saving non-renewable resources such as petroleum. Tested by authoritative testing departments, all hygienic physical and chemical indicators have reached national standards, and […]

Identify cornstarch disposable tableware

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Low-quality disposable cornstarch lunch boxes are popular with some customers due to their low price, which can be bought for a few cents. For example, in the production of inferior lunch boxes, a large amount of industrial-grade calcium carbonate, talc, paraffin, and other toxic and harmful materials are generally added, which poses a direct threat to users’ […]

There are several types of Eco-friendly tableware.

There are many kinds of disposable tableware. Among them, disposable Eco-friendly tableware is easy to recycle, easy to dispose of, and easy to degrade. Then, how many types of Eco-friendly tableware are there? The source of raw materials, production process, degradation method, and recovery level are divided into biodegradable, light/biodegradable materials, and easy-to-recycle materials. What kind of lunch box […]

The importance of using Eco-friendly lunch boxes

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The importance of using degradable and Eco-friendly lunch boxesPlastic is a material that we often encounter in our lives. The main varieties include polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, etc. Many plastics will release toxic substances at high temperatures, and there will also be micro-organisms in the natural decomposition process. Plastics and toxic and harmful gases are […]

What’s the Corn starch disposable tableware

Nowadays, various fields in the world are paying more and more attention to environmental protection, especially in the field of packaging. For the theme of catering to environmental protection, various new green packaging forms have begun to be developed and emerging. In recent years, the emergence of a new material such as corn starch has provided a […]