What should we pay attention to environmental protection cer

Disposable Cornstarch Tableware

Natural biodegradation has become one of the development trends of disposable products. As a stable industry for tableware distribution, more and more manufacturers produce disposable tableware. Faced with the policy of using easily recyclable or degradable disposable tableware, many People don’t know how to choose, so let’s analyze the operability of these two products from the […]

Is cornstarch tableware high in starch?

biodegradable cornstarch tableware

Environmentally friendly Cornstarch tableware is made of natural corn starch and plant fiber as the base material, supplemented by bio-polyester polyol and other materials. Its starch content can reach 80%, which can be natural in the soil and natural environment. Degradation, no pollution and no damage to the environment. It saves non-renewable resources such as petroleum, and […]

Can infants and young children adapt to cornstarch tableware

Non-toxic hygiene is essential for infants and young children, and the double-standard disposable cornstarch tableware of the national standard and FDA is more reliable for infants and young children. In addition, cornstarch tableware is made of environmentally friendly materials. Although environmental protection is a relatively vague concept for children, it also needs to start early. The cornstarch […]

Degradability of cornstarch tableware

Cornstarch tableware is biodegradable products, corn starch as the primary raw material, through high-tech production technology and natural conditions to break down, avoid the pollution to the environment, save non-renewable resources such as oil, by the authority inspection departments, various health physical and chemical indexes meet the national standard, It is an ideal substitute for the […]

Whether cornstarch tableware is safe?

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When many customers use cornstarch tableware, they will have a question: is cornstarch tableware safe, and will it cause harm to the human body? The answer is: cornstarch tableware is entirely safe and will not cause any harm to the human body because cornstarch tableware is processed by high-tech production technology using cornstarch as raw material […]

The style of disposable tableware

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Nowadays, consumers’ awareness of maintaining their own health and environmental protection is gradually increasing, and people are concerned the materials of disposable tableware weather healthy.  such as PC materials disposable tablewares, PE materials disposable tablewares and PP materials disposable tablewares, are harmless to the human body. The common fresh-keeping box materials are PP materials. Different shapes store […]

Is degradable tableware expensive?

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Faced with increasingly prominent environmental problems, self-degradable daily necessities have attracted a lot of attention. Disposable tableware including paper, wood, straw, corn starch, and degradable plastics have also attracted public interest. However, people It is found that disposable chopsticks and other wooden tableware are restricted due to the waste of resources, while other degradable tableware […]

Characteristics of cornstarch tableware

Corn Starch Cutlery

A good cornstarch tableware,it is Non-toxic, harmless, odorless, fireproof, oil-proof, and anti-cold and heat (-120℃ +150℃). Compared with similar products, it can be refrigerated and used in a microwave oven,it so good. The texture is delicate, the color is elegant, the look is pleasant, and the shape is exquisite; After the product used, it can be […]

Is cornstarch disposable tableware easy to use?

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Cornstarch disposable tableware is also divided into true and false. Nowadays, it is difficult to distinguish true and false from fake disposable tableware. Today, I will teach you a simple way to distinguish true from false. In terms of smell, cornstarch disposable tableware has a faint corn paste smell or plant fragrance. In terms of color, […]

How does environmentally friendly tableware identify true an

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1. Counterfeit environmentally friendly tableware – the hand feels soft and soft, it will break if you tear it lightly, it will be pungent and choking, and it will easily leak when heated; 2. Counterfeit paper pulp tableware-poor strength, dark color, and serious oil and water seepage; 3. There is no factory name, no trademark, and no […]