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Identify cornstarch disposable tableware

Low-quality disposable cornstarch lunch boxes are popular with some customers due to their low price, which can be bought for a few cents. For example, in the production of inferior lunch boxes, a large amount of industrial-grade calcium carbonate, talc, paraffin, and other toxic and harmful materials are generally added, which poses a direct threat to users’ health.

Inferior environmentally friendly plastic lunch boxes are soft to the touch, they will break when they are gently torn, smell pungent and choking, easy to deform and leak when exposed to heat, and inferior pulp lunch boxes have poor strength, dark color, and severe oil and water seepage Phenomenon, no factory name, no trademark, no production date on the packing box and lunch box. Inferior lunch boxes are heavier than qualified products. After being shredded, they are easy to sink in water (the specific gravity of qualified products is less than 1 and will not sink). The price is low, generally below 0.10 yuan, while the price of natural corn starch environmentally friendly lunch boxes is Above 0.13 yuan.

Many people go out for a picnic and think disposable knives and forks are more hygienic and safe. However, some small workshops use inferior wood to reduce costs. To “whiten” the knife and fork, some criminals will use sulfur to fumigate and bleach. When eating with this kind of knife and fork, the residual sulfur dioxide will enter the body, causing severe harm to human health.

How to prevent “poisoning”? After getting the disposable tableware, check whether the manufacturer’s name, trademark, and contact information are printed on the package; that disposable tableware that is too white is unreliable; you can also smell the smell of cornstarch tableware if there is a strong smell of Sulfur smell, it is best not to use. Do not soak the utensils in high-temperature food for a long time when eating because this will accelerate the decomposition of sulfur dioxide. The tableware surface can be washed with cold water to reduce residual sulfur dioxide.

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