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3 Eco-Friendly Tableware Recommendations for Your Meals

Although there is a global push for eco-friendly concepts, plastic boxes or containers are still the majority of food packaging. You will see plastic everywhere, from packing food for school children to serving snacks on various occasions. These products may offer convenience, but they do so at the expense of our Mother Earth. In addition to being environmentally unfriendly, these plastic packages are harmful to humans.

Plastic products are disposed of daily in landfills, rivers, oceans, and seas, where they cause severe pollution that affects land and aquatic life. Thousands of marine and terrestrial animals die from consuming these plastic products.

On the other hand, plastics react with heat and release toxic fumes that are invisible to the naked eye. These fumes can be deposited in the food you eat, eventually leading to health complications.

So why hesitate to use eco-friendly products? Such as eco-friendly lunch boxes, disposable cutlery sets, biodegradable soup bowls, and other products made from biodegradable materials. The following disposable tableware and descendable cornstarch tableware manufacturers recommend 3 eco-friendly tableware for greener and healthier dining.

Corn Starch Meal Bowl

These unique cornstarch dinner bowls are perfect for families planning a small party, family event, or wedding.

This eco-friendly serving bowl is made from cornstarch, a carbohydrate that comes naturally from cornstarch. It is primarily used to make durable, eco-friendly products as a viable alternative to toxic plastic products.

These products have excellent heat and cold resistance. So if you plan to serve hot or cold food, you don’t have to worry about structural damage to your food containers, bowls, or utensils.

1000ml Cornstarch Lunch Box

Are you planning to switch from toxic plastic food containers to eco-friendly lunch boxes? Then the 1000ml Cornstarch Lunch Box is the ideal choice for you.

You can effortlessly pack food for your kids, husband, or wife in these beautiful boxes and add a set of eco-friendly utensils so your loved ones can eat safely.

These lunch boxes are highly durable, have excellent heat resistance, and are entirely microwave safe, making them perfect for camping, catering, weddings, and picnics. You can easily consume food and reduce waste with disposable cutlery sets.

Cornstarch 3 Compartment Bento Box

Bento boxes are all the rage right now, thanks to the existence of individual containers that can store different types of food. This keeps food fresh, eliminates the need for plastic wrappers or foil, encourages healthy eating for picky eaters, and the containers help you control food portions. These boxes are usually made of plastic and have various drawbacks.

However, environmental enthusiasts and Earth-conscious organizations are introducing bento boxes made from cornstarch and CPLA-wrapped cutlery sets. These products are highly durable, safe for refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves, completely leak-proof, and offer a similar experience to plastic products.

The main difference is that the bento boxes and utensils are fully biodegradable and made from non-toxic materials such as cornstarch and CPLA.

If you are interested in the above three types of eco-friendly tableware or need to customize other types and styles of disposable and biodegradable tableware, please contact us!

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