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4 types of eco-friendly tableware to help upgrade your restaurant to an eco-friendly restaurant

Environmental protection is the most concerned topic nowadays. From the introduction of relevant national environmental protection policies to the small, everyone began to focus on waste separation and recycling. With the popularity of the concept of environmental protection, people will become more and more conscious of the environmental details around, such as the tableware we use.

Today there are still most restaurants that still use plastic plates and cutlery, take-out containers, and other such non-biodegradable tableware. In the theme of environmental protection, they will certainly eventually face elimination, but of course, there are many restaurants that have realized the benefits of environmentally friendly, biodegradable tableware and the future development of sex and have begun to use environmentally friendly tableware to upgrade their restaurants to environmentally friendly restaurants. If you restaurant owners also have ideas to upgrade their stores to environmentally friendly restaurants, below we will recommend 4 very good environmentally friendly tableware for your reference to replace.

4 Best-in-Class Eco-Friendly Products to Make Your Restaurant More Eco-Friendly

1. PLA straws

A customer has just enjoyed a hearty meal and ordered some cold drinks. Serve those who use PLA straws and stress the importance of protecting the environment. These straws are affordable and biodegradable. Replace plastic straws with this eco-friendly alternative and spread the message of saving the planet.

2. PLA Lined Bagasse Dome Lid Cup

This stylish bagasse product can be used to serve drinks. When customers ask about this eco-friendly product, you can share the green initiatives your restaurant has taken. This will change your customers’ perception of plastic products and inspire them to switch to eco-friendly alternatives.

3. PLA-lined bagasse paper bowls

Customers usually order a bowl of soup before serving the main course. Restaurants can use this stylish bagasse product to serve soups or sauces. Customers can enjoy a delicious soup while learning about the benefits of protecting nature from plastic pollution.

4. Cornstarch-based square frame button

This cornstarch product can be used to serve delicious meals to customers at home. Post a note explaining the advantages of using the best eco-friendly products. This will ensure that customers enjoy their meals while promoting the message of creating a viable future for humanity.

These are some of the best eco-friendly products that restaurants can adopt and promote the need to protect the environment. However, there are many more products, including eco-friendly tableware, that can be used in hotels and cafes, and in the near future, eco-friendly tableware will surely replace the current plastic tableware as the mainstream if you want to be one step ahead and lead the mainstream, welcome to contact the professional environmental tableware manufacturer – Hengfeng.

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