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Biodegradable tableware: the perfect solution for take-out and dine-in

You may be wondering why you need a take-out and dine-in solution. The solution here refers to the environmental aspect. With the increasingly severe environmental issues, protecting the environment requires us to start from the little things in our daily life, and replacing the current non-biodegradable recyclable disposable tableware with biodegradable tableware is one of the points.

The disposable tableware we use now is primarily plastic tableware with polystyrene (EPS) as the primary raw material. Eating in or taking out from restaurants is not a problem for consumers. Plastic disposable food containers are widely used in the daily life of passersby, creating a vast consumer market. According to statistics, the consumption of fast food containers, which are made of disposable foam, is about 10 billion per year and growing at a rate of 25% per year.

Since polystyrene is non-degradable and challenging to recycle, it greatly inconveniences disposal. After several years of effort, pulp molding technology and equipment have been rapidly developed. Hengfeng and other manufacturers have developed disposable tableware such as food containers, soup bowls, cups, plates, and lids suitable for hot and cold food, which can meet customers’ water and oil resistance requirements.

Hengfeng has implemented a strict quality control system for food safety and hygiene for incoming materials. Our materials are then purified, mixed in vats, and extracted into molds to make cup lids, plates, cups, cutlery, and bowls. The product is then dried and packaged for your purchase and enjoyment!

Advantages of Hengfeng Biodegradable Tableware

100% biodegradable

These biodegradable take-out containers, with the concept of protecting the environment, contain no plastic. Using biodegradable flip-top take-out food container production technology, these items can be recycled without having to be shipped to a landfill.

Perfect Size

These take-out food containers are divided into 3 compartments and can hold one main dish and two side dishes. The sturdy 3-compartment construction allows for the safe storage of food without tipping it over. Disposable food containers not washed after a meal are easy to throw away.

Can be hot or cold

You can put these disposable, biodegradable containers in the microwave and refrigerator. They can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 120°C. Also, they are ideal for outdoor picnics in parks, mobile food trucks, and take-out restaurants.

If you as a restaurant owner are also interested in contributing to environmental protection, or if you also see the future development market of environmental protection tableware and want to customize biodegradable tableware, welcome to contact Hengfeng, we are a professional biodegradable tableware manufacturer.

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