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Choose ECO-friendly disposable tableware for your various events

Disposable tableware is ideal for meeting the needs of the events industry. It is trendy in any setting because it combines practicality and utility. For professional takeaway suppliers and caterers, cardboard and food-grade plastic cutlery is the perfect choice because they offer many advantages.

disposable tableware

Disposable cardboard tableware

Cardboard plates and cups are made from non-recycled materials. However, if the cups hold hot drinks, the primary manufacturing material will be surrounded by an additional insulated slot to retain heat. To have a range of durable disposable tableware, cardboard must have specific qualities (good rigidity and moisture resistance).

Primary uses of cardboard tableware

Ideal for sublimation table decoration, cardboard tableware is suitable for all occasions. Cardboard comes in different shapes and colors. You will easily find disposable tableware to match them, mainly since wholesalers sell various disposable or reusable products to meet all needs. Examples include paper tablecloths and napkins. You can find products on specialty sales sites.

While they don’t sublimate birthday tables, cardboard tableware also meets the needs of take-out and fast-food professionals. Cardboard is a convenient choice because it is easy to transport. It’s not as fragile as classic plates, making it ideal for dinner plates. Restaurateurs can also add a cardboard cup to hold their drinks.

Or, if you prefer, you can use disposable cutlery every day. If you choose disposable tableware, this will save you from cleaning your home and saving expensive porcelain plates for special occasions. Otherwise, by choosing reusable crockery, you will enjoy other practical and aesthetic advantages.

The recycling process for eco-friendly disposable tableware

Hengfeng’s biodegradable disposable tableware is made from cornstarch material that is entirely degradable by nature and has no impact on the environment.

Recycling has many advantages

– reducing the percentage of plastic waste that

– participating in the reduction of pollution.

– Participate in conserving natural resources (when the product is recycled, fewer raw materials are used).

It is important to note that the Energy Transition Act has been in effect since January 1, 2020. Most single-use plastic products are now banned. So, in addition to doing your part to protect the environment, using disposable, biodegradable tableware is an excellent way to comply with the law.

In addition to recyclable products, Hengfeng’s disposable tableware is also available in biodegradable or compostable products that can be reused. Compostable products are considered an integral part of recycling because they will be converted to compost through biodegradability.

If you also want to customize your disposable biodegradable tableware, please contact Hengfeng, a professional disposable biodegradable tableware manufacturer.

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