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Advice on degradable lunch boxes

Human beings are insignificant in front of nature, so they will always punish some destructive behaviors of human beings to nature accordingly. With the emphasis on environmental pollution now, degradable lunch boxes have been developed, but there are the following suggestions for degradable lunch boxes.

1. To protect the environment, carry out research on the degradation mechanism of new materials. It is necessary to carry out further research on the correlation between the degradation of various biodegradable materials and the environment, the degradation of toxic and harmful substances, and how to improve the degradation rate to provide essential data for improving the degradation efficiency.

2. Strictly regulate the product identification of biodegradable (compostable) plastic tableware. It is recommended that the standardization management department put forward mandatory requirements for labeling such products, such as whether it can be used multiple times, the temperature range of use, and whether it can be heated by microwave; pH, maximum or recommended usage time, etc.

3. The market supervision department should strengthen the supervision of advertising and publicity in the circulation field. Units that exaggerate propaganda, operate concepts, and fail to provide proof materials shall be investigated and dealt. In particular, we will severely crack down on producers and sellers who pretend to be genuine and deceive consumers into ensuring the quality and safety of market products.

4. Carry out toxicological research on various new biodegradable plastics. On the one hand, this research can grasp the degree of safety risks of new products. The government can make scientific decisions on whether to license biodegradable new materials promptly, possible personal hazards.

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