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Matters needed to attention when choosing disposable biodegradable tableware

Nowadays, the catering industry is very different from the past. Environmental protection lunch box manufacturers say that the catering industry is now different from the previous industry not only in the means of sales but also at the consumer level from the store-to-eat mainly turned into a takeaway packaging-based. For such changes, people in business need to make one more suitable disposable, biodegradable lunch box to meet diners’ needs. Businessmen choose Disposable, biodegradable lunch boxes when the business needs to pay attention to what matters.

disposable degradable lunch box

1. The outer packaging of disposable biodegradable lunch boxes

Environmental protection lunch box manufacturers remind businesses of the choice of disposable environmental protection lunch boxes and must need carefully identify the packaging of the box. Merchants need to carefully check whether the packaging logo is marked with the product name and product implementation standards, production dates and shelf life, health licenses, and other industry regulations must be marked. If the disposable environmentally friendly lunch boxes above the logo content are marked incomplete or not standardized, then such disposable, biodegradable lunch boxes are not recommended for procurement. Only disposable, biodegradable lunch boxes with the signs mentioned above can hold food and do not cause harm to the human body.

2. The quality of the disposable, biodegradable lunch box body

Many businesses selecting disposable biodegradable lunch boxes usually only focus on the logo mentioned above. The logo is completely disposable biodegradable lunch boxes are qualified and can be used in large quantities. The purchase of disposable, biodegradable lunch boxes is a critical matter in need to carefully check the quality of the box itself. The color of the box body should be uniform and clear in outline, while there should be no obvious depressions and wrinkles in the box mouth part. If the inner wall of the box is rough and astringent to the touch, then it means that there are solid residues on the inner wall; when the light is illuminated, it is found that there are obvious irregular small black dots within the box surface material, then it can be clearly stated that the disposable biodegradable lunch box is a poor quality product.

Environmental protection lunch box manufacturers and catering businesses need to use many disposable biodegradable lunch boxes, so how to choose disposable biodegradable lunch boxes has become a business need to master knowledge in advance. The above content is mainly from the logo and the quality of the box itself. The business’s two aspects in choosing disposable biodegradable lunch boxes should focus on matters. Businesses must check carefully when choosing.

Merchants need to choose a reliable, quality disposable biodegradable meal manufacturer. In addition to ensuring the quality of disposable tableware, it can be assured to provide customers with use, while directly from the manufacturer can also reduce the cost of ordering tableware. If you are also operating a restaurant, quickly find a reliable disposable biodegradable tableware manufacturer and establish a long-term relationship.

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