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Top 5 Cornstarch Tableware Manufacturer In China 2022

Corn starch tableware is an emerging environmentally friendly tableware with the benefit of being fully biodegradable and recyclable. And the low cost is perfect for modern restaurant pages to replace plastic tableware. It is a favorable competitor for the catering industry’s future disposable tableware market. This article will introduce you to the 2022 Top 5 corn starch tableware manufacturers. If you are interested in purchasing corn starch tableware and do not know which manufacturer to choose is reliable, you can consider them.

Hengfeng High-Tech

top 5 cornstarch tableware manufacturer

Dongguan Hengfeng High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and producing degradable materials and disposable products. We are one of the first manufacturers in China, the core environmental protecting company, and a member of the Environmental Protecting Association of Guangdong Province. We passed the international quality system authentication of ISO9001 in 2011. During over 10 years of constant innovation in the field of During over 10 years of constant innovation in the field of environmental materials, we developed a series of disposable degradable tableware and relative products, which had passed the examination of the Our products are comprehensively used in Pearl River Delta and sold to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and other places. , America, and other places.


top 5 cornstarch tableware manufacturer

Established in 2010, MVI ECOPACK is a tableware specialist with offices and factories in mainland China and over 11 years of export experience in eco-friendly packaging. Committed to providing customers with quality and innovative products at affordable prices.

MVI ECOPACK products are made from annually renewable resources such as corn, sugar cane, and wheat straw, some of which are by-products of the agricultural industry. These materials are used to create sustainable alternatives to plastics and polystyrene foam.

Chiran Group

top 5 cornstarch tableware manufacturer

Established in 2005, Chiran group is a leading supplier of disposable, biodegradable paper and vegetable starch tableware in China. Our products include disposable paper cups, PLA cups, bagasse plates, bagasse flip tops, bagasse trays, bagasse bowls, bagasse cups, corn starch tableware, corn starch plates, corn starch flip tops, corn starch trays, corn starch cups, etc. All products meet the EU and FDA’s environmental requirements and food standards.

SRD Innotech

top 5 cornstarch tableware manufacturer

Xiamen SRD Innotech Co., Ltd specializes in developing, producing, and selling environmentally friendly tableware and packaging materials. Natural corn can be processed into non-toxic and non-hazardous corn starch, used to make corn tableware and packaging materials. The product meets US FDA food sanitation processing standards and ISO14855 biodegradability certification. Corn starch is an ideal substitute for non-biodegradable synthetic plastics such as PP, PE, PVC, PS, PET, and foam.

Green Time 

top 5 cornstarch tableware manufacturer

Ningbo Green Time has been specializing in kitchenware and providing eco-friendly products for 9 years.

Green Time expanding our product line from bamboo fiber products to bamboo tableware, bamboo storage furniture products, and the back of PLA tableware. We are committed to the research and development (R&D), production, and sales of all eco-friendly materials. We have advanced machinery and equipment, a professional team of product structure, appearance, and packaging designers, and an experienced sales team. With our expertise, we also cooperate with several international brands, including QVC, Coop, Migros, Disney, Staples, Aldi, Target, etc. Our factories have BSCI, ISO, and FSC certifications to meet international standards.

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