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Top 5 Disposable Biodegradable Tablewear Manufacturers 2022

In the face of increasing global environmental problems, people’s awareness of environmental protection is gradually increasing, and all walks of life are developing in the direction of environmental protection. In the restaurant industry, disposable plastic tableware dominant disposable tableware situation has been broken. Now both consumers and restaurant owners prefer disposable biodegradable tableware. The reason is simple – environmental protection. Disposable, biodegradable tableware can be completely biodegradable. Unlike plastic tableware, disposable, biodegradable tableware can be discarded by the environment after natural digestion and will not cause pollution to the environment.

This article will share the Top 5 Disposable Biodegradable Tablewear Manufacturers in 2022. If you are a restaurant owner planning to enter the food industry and need to order disposable tableware, you can consider them. They are all qualified and reliable disposable biodegradable tableware manufacturers.

1. Hengfeng High-Tech

disposable biodegradable tableware

Dongguan Hengfeng High-Tech Development Co., Ltd. specializes in designing and producing degradable materials and disposable products. Hengfeng is one of the first manufacturers in China, the core environmental protection company, and a member of the Environmental Protecting Association of Guangdong Company passed the international quality system authentication of ISO9001 in 2011. During over 10 years of constant innovation in the field During over 10 years of constant innovation in the field of environmental materials, we developed a series of disposable degradable tableware and comparable products, which had passed the examination of the Hengfeng products are comprehensively used in Pearl River Delta and sold to Southeast Asia, Hengfeng products are comprehensively used in Pearl River Delta and sold to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and other places.

2. Pactiv Evergreen

Pactiv Evergreen is a food service packaging company that provides packaging to ensure that food prepared in restaurants and other food service outlets remains fresh and delicious, offering a variety of sizes and materials of containers, drinkware, tableware, and trays to support your operations and enhance the customer experience. They also offer custom manufacturing services for disposable, biodegradable tableware.

3. Lollicup USA Inc.

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Lollicup USA Inc. has been providing its customers and partners with all the essential products to conduct business efficiently. Lollicup USA provides a one-stop shop for food service, hospitality, and many other lucrative industries. The company offers its customers a wide selection of food and beverage products – from disposables to consumables – as well as cleaning products and hygiene supplies.

4. Natural Tableware

disposable biodegradable tableware

Natural Tableware disposables and packaging solutions are known for their high-quality standards and are designed to exceed customer expectations. Sourced and manufactured under fair and sustainable conditions, these natural alternatives offer a solution to plastic pollution.

Natural Tableware closely follows the rapid evolution of sustainable practices and is learning every day to ensure we remain focused on our mission of creating a better planet.

5. BioGreenChoice

disposable biodegradable tableware

BioGreenChoice is a green/sustainable product line that produces high-quality, environmentally friendly disposable and packaged products. BioGreenChoice is highly focused on biodegradable and compostable disposable food service and packaging products for use in hospitals, corporate cafeterias, universities, restaurants, schools, and homes. All BioGreenChoice products are made from annually renewable resources such as sugar cane and corn.

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