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What is biodegradable cornstarch tableware?

Cornstarch biodegradable tableware is a kind of biodegradable product. It is made of corn starch as the primary raw material and processed by a high-tech production process. The starch content of such tableware can reach 80%, degrade under natural conditions, avoid environmental pollution, and save non-renewable resources such as oil.

Advantages of cornstarch tableware

1. Harmless: disposable corn starch tableware is the use of corn starch and other high-tech development of new starch tableware, harmless to humans.

2. Biodegradable: starch tableware products buried in the soil at the right temperature after 90 days can be degraded to form carbon dioxide and water, which will not cause pollution to the soil and air.

3. High quality: starch tableware products have good density, water, oil, immersion resistance, low temperature, and high-temperature resistance, and can be used in microwave ovens and refrigerators.

4. No odor: corn starch as raw material, the product has a faint popcorn flavor.

5. Strong low-carbon alternative: it can replace plastic products made of petroleum and paper products made of wood.

biodegradable cornstarch tableware

Why choose biodegradable cornstarch tableware?

Among all types of starch, “corn” is an essential source of plant residues. It has many advantages, such as high starch content, excellent consistency, biodegradability, and a wide range of applications. Corn is also known as the world’s most widely used agricultural grain. There are six types of corn. Flour, horse tooth, flint, soda, pod, and sweet corn. The characteristics of all types vary significantly due to environmental influences. In 2020, corn production approached 4 billion tons, accounting for 31% of global cereal production. This figure makes corn the third-largest grain in the world.

Maize has almost no stems attached to short roots. After harvest, part of the plant becomes disposable waste. Corn is a significant source of starch. Alpha-related glucose, which is usually slippery, water-holding, and a filler, is used in food plants. Most cornstarch kernels are a mixture of starch, sugar, protein, oil, and ash. Natural fibers such as stems, grasses, and leaves can be extracted from corn. Compared to other agricultural biological products, corn fiber has different properties, such as 90% storage and higher availability than other natural fibers.

Therefore, cornstarch tableware can save resources. Corn starch is an inexhaustible and renewable resource, while paper and plastic tableware require large amounts of wood and petrochemicals. Using corn starch as raw material can save many oil and forest resources.

biodegradable tableware

Biodegradable corn starch tableware market

Cornstarch biodegradable tableware is now available in the U.S., European, and Middle East markets. It has a large share of the food packaging market.

The biodegradable tableware packaging industry has numerous manufacturers worldwide. In China, this product is being exported to many countries. These products are simple in design and affordable in price. Cornstarch must be offered in different shapes and sizes like other plastic tableware.

Properly sized bio-based tableware allows restaurant owners to estimate the correct amount of food per person. Thus, it prevents additional food waste. All these factors can have a significant impact on consumer behavior and willingness to purchase biodegradable tableware. Feel free to design different styles and build your brand according to the market demand.

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