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What is compostable tableware? Why is biodegradable better than compostable?

A compostable lid is a lid that decomposes into carbon dioxide, water, and nutrient-rich compost within a specific time frame under composting conditions.

compostable tableware

1. What is compostable?

If material is compostable, this means that under composting conditions (temperature, humidity, oxygen, and the presence of microorganisms), it will break down into carbon dioxide, water, and nutrient-rich compost within a specific time frame.

2. Why biodegradable is better?

If you found a labeled “compostable” on your tableware you can be sure it will decompose in compostable conditions within 180 days. This is very close to how food and garden waste is broken down by microbes, leaving a non-toxic residue.

3. Why is compostability important?

Flexible plastic packaging waste is often contaminated with food waste that cannot be recycled and ends up in incinerators or landfills. This is the reason for introducing compostable packaging. It prevents landfills and incineration, and the resulting compost will return organic matter to the soil. Suppose packaging waste can be integrated into the organic waste system and used as compost for the next generation of plants (nutrient-rich soil). In that case, the waste can be recycled and put on the market, not only as “garbage” but also with considerable value. Economic value.

4. What is the difference between domestic and industrial or commercial composting containers?

Household compost containers have a small capacity and are usually exposed to ambient temperatures. The compostable material can be decomposed within 180 days.

Commercial or industrial compost containers have a much larger capacity, so industrial compost containers (45-60°C) generate more heat, accelerating biodegradation. The same compostable material will typically decompose in a commercial compost pile in 90 days.

5. What is biodegradable?

The term “biodegradable” represents a process but does not define the conditions or time frame under which the product will break down and degrade. Their is a little confuse about the term ‘biodegradable’ is that it is a vague term with no clear time or conditions. As a result, many things that are not ‘biodegradable’ can be labeled as ‘biodegradable.’ Technically, all naturally occurring organic compounds can be biodegraded under the right conditions and break down over time, but it may take hundreds or thousands of years. For example, wood is biodegradable, but wood structures do not decompose and can be passed down from generation to generation.

To avoid confusion between consumers and industrial composters, regulatory agencies around the world have begun to restrict or ban the use of “biodegradable” as a way to describe packaging products, instead promoting the use of the term “compostable,” which better describes “The term “compostable” better describes the expected life of the packaging and when it will degrade.

Biodegradable tableware is a new meal product conforming to environmental protection policies. It can perfectly replace plastic disposable tableware. It is a product with great potential for development. If you need or are interested in customizing biodegradable tableware, please contact Hengfeng, your reliable supplier of Biodegradable tableware manufacturers in China.

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