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Why corn starch tableware is one of the mainstream tableware of the future

Corn starch series tableware is made from corn starch or maize starch, a type of pulp molded product, and it is a starch extracted from corn (maize) grain. The starch is obtained from the endosperm of the seeds. A natural agricultural product that is easily recyclable and abundant in yield. Therefore corn starch tableware is environmentally friendly and recyclable tableware. It is very much in line with the current global environmental policy, which is why it will be one of the mainstream tableware in the future.

corn starch tableware

With the growing international attention to environmental protection, many countries have established environmental protection measures in the form of legislation and promoted the implementation of environmental protection policies in terms of policy, technological development, theory, and collaborative relationships between enterprises and consumers. The European Community (now the European Union) enacted packaging and environmental protection regulations in 1991, stipulating that polystyrene foam should be avoided in shipping packaging and sales packaging and that pulp molded products should be used instead. We are a signatory to the Montreal Protocol and the Vienna Declaration, which states that we must meet the targets set by 2005.

In this regard, our country has solemnly committed to the world to protect the human environment. On April 1, 1996, China promulgated the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Waste, establishing the principle of “memorization,” i.e., promoting resourcefulness, reduction, and minimization. The law stipulates the principle of “triple conversion,” i.e., resourcefulness, minimization, and harmlessness of solid waste.

Pulp molded products are made from fully recyclable plant fiber or waste paper products. They are widely used in food (medicine) products, electrical appliances, planting seedlings, medical appliances, craft bases, and fragile products, such as green products with complete packaging. In the global implementation of the plastic ban and plastic restriction of the background of the times, pulp mold with a total of raw materials, non-polluting, easy to degrade, distinctive recyclable features and environmental protection style unique machine, so that it stands out in all kinds of plastic camping products, not only become a beautiful landscape in the current tide of environmental protection but also become the prevention of “white pollution” the most One of the most effective ways to prevent “white pollution.”

In the global environment, which attaches more and more importance to environmental protection, corn starch tableware as a new environmentally friendly material tableware can be said to be very in line with market demand. Cost and quality are also very suitable for the needs of the restaurant industry, potentially becoming one of the future mainstream tableware products. If you also want to customize disposable environmentally friendly tableware, contact us.

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