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Why we need to stop using plastic tableware

Plastic is a common component used in the manufacture of disposable tableware. The most adverse effects occur after plastic products are discarded. Due to the easy availability and low-cost, plastic products are used at every step of the process. The use of plastic tableware and the conditions under which it is quickly discarded are the main causes of plastic pollution. This leads to environmental degradation, one of nature’s primary concerns. The most common discarded products are plastic cups, spoons, plates, forks, and straws.

Most fast-food restaurants use disposable plastic cutlery that consumers can eat and discard when they are done with them. In most cases, they are thrown away recklessly without consideration of the recycling process. Even for most outdoor recreational activities, such as camping or visiting national parks, plastic is used to serve homemade or packaged food. Even though it allows consumers to avoid excessive travel costs, it can endanger wildlife.

Large amounts of carbon dioxide energy are released during the production of plastic cutlery. This creates a greenhouse effect due to releasing greenhouse gases such as methane. This can lead to devastating climate change, which can harm our environment.

Because the environmental disadvantages of plastic tableware are becoming more and more well-known, more and more food service industries are now using disposable, biodegradable tableware that is functional and environmentally friendly. Now is the time to develop the best educational habits and use environmentally friendly products to protect nature. Biodegradable tableware is easy to discard and does not cause any pollution. It takes about 30 to 60 days to decompose into the soil completely. Since no chemical toxins are added, the decomposition has no adverse effects on the soil.

According to various studies, it has been confirmed that humans consume an incredible amount of plastic over a sustained time. In the long run, this could have a significant impact on usage. It eliminates the chance of cancer and allergic reactions due to toxins in plastic products.

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