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Can infants and young children adapt to cornstarch tableware

Non-toxic hygiene is essential for infants and young children, and the double-standard disposable cornstarch tableware of the national standard and FDA is more reliable for infants and young children. In addition, cornstarch tableware is made of environmentally friendly materials. Although environmental protection is a relatively vague concept for children, it also needs to start early.

The cornstarch environmentally friendly tableware is solid and durable, and there is no problem if it is dropped several times. Because the cornstarch tableware is lighter, it will not cause a significant impact after falling to the ground. It completely avoids the tableware falling on the ground and breaking—harming the child.

Corn starch is lighter in weight and moderates in volume and volume. It is more convenient for adults and children to hold it. And from the design aspect, the cornstarch tableware has a beautiful appearance, and the design is creative and full of personality. In addition, cornstarch tableware can withstand a high temperature of 120°C and is very convenient to heat.

Disadvantages of cornstarch tableware:

1. Anti-slip problem, from the design point of view, the anti-slip problem exists, but it does not exist in practical applications.

2. The bottom of the spoon is relatively thick, and the handle of the spoon is relatively short. The design and function of the fork are similar to that of the spoon, but the fork is relatively thin and easy to break.

3. In addition, another disadvantage of cornstarch tableware is the high price.

In general, cornstarch tableware has more advantages than disadvantages. It is a product worth starting with. After all, such sanitary and drop-proof tableware is very convenient and affordable for family use.

Plastic tableware will have bisphenol-A. At the same time, there are concerns about heating problems. Although stainless steel tableware is strong, it is easy to deform after being dropped twice, and it is not possible to use a microwave oven to heat food. Considering the above factors and price, cornstarch tableware is still perfect. For infants and young children, cornstarch tableware is the first choice.

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