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Characteristics of cornstarch tableware

A good cornstarch tableware,it is Non-toxic, harmless, odorless, fireproof, oil-proof, and anti-cold and heat (-120℃ +150℃). Compared with similar products, it can be refrigerated and used in a microwave oven,it so good.

The texture is delicate, the color is elegant, the look is pleasant, and the shape is exquisite;

After the product used, it can be recycled to process feed or fertilizer;

It can be completely degraded under natural conditions, and the degradation cycle can be adjusted. After being degraded, it will become an organic fertilizer, return to nature, improve soil moisture, and promote the development of circular economy and ecological agriculture;

During the production process, no waste gas, waste water or waste residue is produced, and it does not pollute the environment;

It is superior to other starch modified products in performance and price, and has a better competitive advantage.

Technical mechanism

The starch-based biodegradable material is processed by polymer starch and derivatives as the base material, supplemented by biological additives. Among them, the biodegradable additive is a combination of biopolyester, cellulose, polyol and other substances produced through microbial fermentation. Adding biodegradable additives to modified additives and natural plasticizers for biopolymerization, and then blending and modifying with polymer starch and derivatives, mixing to produce a starch-based biodegradable with good mechanical strength, strong plasticity and a wide range of uses Material.

Recruitment agent

Our company introduces international leading technology independently, and produces corn starch-based fully degradable products (fast food boxes, spoons, tableware, water cups, trays), which have been fully marketed. In order to improve the “white pollution” in life as soon as possible, “Jinggu” will soon To become a substitute for plastics in the future, due to the vast market, our company decided to recruit regional agents. The requirements: the corporate image must be good, there must be a broad market area, and the specific market operation content can come to our company to discuss in detail.

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