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Degradability of cornstarch tableware

Cornstarch tableware is biodegradable products, corn starch as the primary raw material, through high-tech production technology and natural conditions to break down, avoid the pollution to the environment, save non-renewable resources such as oil, by the authority inspection departments, various health physical and chemical indexes meet the national standard, It is an ideal substitute for the “disinfection tableware” commonly used in the current catering market. Corn starch-based biodegradable tableware is a kind of environmental protection product that is strongly advocated globally.

Advantages of biodegradable disposable tableware:

Pollution-free: because it is made from corn starch and other environment-friendly materials, it does not contain harmful substances to the human body, so that it can be used for a long time.

Zero pollution: the product buried in the soil, under the appropriate temperature, 90 days later can be degraded to carbon dioxide and water, the soil and air do not cause pollution.

Save resources: everybody knows corn starch is a renewable resource; inexhaustible, paper tableware and plastic tableware need abundant wood and petrochemical products. Using corn starch as raw material can save abundant oil and forest resources.

High quality: the product has good tightness, water resistance, oil resistance, anti-penetration, and good high temperature and low-temperature resistance, suitable for refrigeration, refrigeration, food preservation, microwave heating, etc.

Compared with similar products, Hengfeng’s biodegradable products are not only odorless but also waterproof, oil-proof, and heat and cold resistant. They can be refrigerated in a refrigerator or heated in a microwave. It is superior to similar starch-modified products in cost performance. More importantly, this product can effectively reduce the increasingly severe “white pollution” caused by plastic products that can not be degraded, in line with the circular economy and ecological agriculture requirements. Corn starch material products: disposable 3-6 months degradable products, product categories include cups, trays, soup bowls, lunch boxes, knives, forks, spoons, and other products. The product performance index conforms to the gBI8006.1-2009 national standard.

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