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How does environmentally friendly tableware identify true an

1. Counterfeit environmentally friendly tableware – the hand feels soft and soft, it will break if you tear it lightly, it will be pungent and choking, and it will easily leak when heated;

2. Counterfeit paper pulp tableware-poor strength, dark color, and serious oil and water seepage;

3. There is no factory name, no trademark, and no production date on the packaging box and lunch box;

4. Counterfeit tableware is heavier than qualified products, and will easily sink after being shredded (the proportion of qualified products is less than 1, and will not sink);

5. The price is cheap. For example, the price of ordinary rice boxes is generally below 0.10 yuan, while the price of real environmentally friendly tableware is above 0.10 yuan. The harm of toxic trash tableware. At present, some environmentally friendly lunch boxes used on the market have serious quality problems (excess evaporation residue). The main reason is that manufacturers use a large amount of calcium carbonate, talcum powder and other minerals and waste plastics in their production to reduce product costs. , Causing the minerals and additives in the lunch box to dissolve with the water, vinegar, and oil in the food. As the food that people eat enters the human body, it will cause indigestion, local pain and liver disease. A variety of diseases such as severe cases can lead to gallstones and heavy metal poisoning, which have a serious impact on children’s intellectual development.

High-quality environmentally friendly tableware:

1) Non-toxic and hygienic, which is the top priority for children. It is more reliable to say that the national standard and the FDA double standard;

2) Environmentally friendly materials. Although protecting the environment is a relatively general concept for children, it can start from bit by bit, which is considered a selling point for feelings;

3) It is strong and durable. It is completely problematic after falling several times. Of course, this test is a long-term test. If internal defects occur every time you fall, there will eventually be an outbreak, but this is inevitable for children;

4) Appropriate weight, volume and volume, easy for children to hold, and easy for adults to hold;

5) The appearance is good, the design is very creative and full of personality;

6) High temperature resistance 120℃, heating is very convenient.

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