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Is cornstarch disposable tableware easy to use?

Cornstarch disposable tableware is also divided into true and false. Nowadays, it is difficult to distinguish true and false from fake disposable tableware. Today, I will teach you a simple way to distinguish true from false. In terms of smell, cornstarch disposable tableware has a faint corn paste smell or plant fragrance. In terms of color, cornstarch disposable tableware is light yellow or milky white, if it is not for starch products, the color is bluish white or dark black.

I believe everyone has encountered cornstarch disposable tableware in the restaurant. Since it is a disposable tableware, then it is a tableware that can only be used once in the restaurant, which can effectively avoid the unhygienic caused by uncleanliness. The problem, in the family, if you want to save money, you can wash it and reuse it. In addition, the disposable cornstarch meal has a natural degradation function and will not pollute the environment. It truly comes from nature and belongs to nature.

In the past, some disposable tableware can be seen everywhere in China’s streets and alleys, tourist attractions and other places, causing serious pollution to the environment. This white pollution not only increases the labor intensity of sanitation workers, but also threatens the land and land where we live. Water resources have brought a lot of inconvenience to people at the same time. But nowadays, with the improvement of people’s environmental protection awareness, the quality and environmental protection of disposable tableware are stronger, and today’s environmental pollution is also greatly reduced.

Simply put, the commonly used plastic cup materials are PP and PS. PP is resistant to high temperatures and can be used in microwave ovens. PS materials are not resistant to high temperatures, so they are often used in the cold drink packaging industry. In terms of production process, plastic cups are more hygienic than paper cups because the production process of plastic cups is simple, and they are packaged immediately after being molded and cooled at high temperatures. Paper cups have printing, paper cutting, film attachment, reeling, and crimping, which have to go through multiple processes.

But having said that, plastic cups are indeed okay, but not necessarily in China. Someone even asked me before, whether recycled plastic can be used to make plastic cups. I despise it in my heart, but I can’t show it. I told him that the recycled plastic had impurities and the cups made were not beautiful. Recycling is only one of them, I believe few people do this.

Because of the fierce competition in the market, transparent plastic cups can be seen at a glance. Some of them are invisible. It’s additives. Gypsum powder (milky white cup), toughening agent, antifreeze, its harm is not known for the time being.

In fact, in our daily life, we must observe the fresh-keeping boxes, packaging boxes, plastic bags, food bags, and plastic cups that we touch. The polyethylene raw material is processed and formed at one time without any additives and additives added in the process. If you find that your lunch box is of other colors during use, especially milky white, please do not use it, because the color masterbatch material or toner is added during the processing, and a large amount of milky white filler is added to reduce the cost.

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