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Natural biodegradation has become one of the development trends of disposable products. As a stable industry for tableware distribution, more and more manufacturers produce disposable tableware. Faced with the policy of using easily recyclable or degradable disposable tableware, many People don’t know how to choose, so let’s analyze the operability of these two products from the profit of processing biodegradable disposable tableware.

The research and development of biodegradable products has been for some time. The current biodegradable disposable tableware includes paper, starch, plant fiber, photosensitive plastic and other materials. At present, there are still some problems that need to be solved in these technical products.

First of all, the practicability of these products needs to be continuously strengthened, and the safety supervision of the added auxiliary agents needs to be strengthened, and there are generally problems such as poor waterproofness, easy damage and deformation, and inability to withstand high temperatures.

Secondly, in addition to paper, the production cost of the product is generally high, which also limits its profit. After all, as a fast-moving consumer product, one of the basis for consideration is the price, which is only a few cents for a single set of crystal tableware that is easy to recycle. Compared with money, there is a gap in profit.

In addition to profit considerations for processing degradable disposable tableware, the subsequent processing of the product is also a problem. Many materials need to be degraded in a suitable environment, such as temperature and humidity, whether they need to be buried, whether they need to cultivate microorganisms, etc.

This requires the provision of corresponding venues and prerequisites, which undoubtedly increases the cost of centralized recycling and processing, and also wastes a certain amount of resources. The easily recycled crystal tableware is used as waste, after being crushed and granulated, it can be processed into car lampshades and mobile phones. Industrial products such as housings continue to exert their social and economic value.

The explanation of degradability is that under certain conditions, the article undergoes a biochemical reaction to form a simple compound process, and one view is that only the degraded product that is decomposed into carbon dioxide or water can be called degradable. Obviously many materials Without this condition, even our common paper cups have wax coating, plasticizing layer and other substances that cannot be degraded.

Many so-called degradable materials actually have very severe degradation conditions and require special treatment sites. Under natural conditions, the degradation time is long, and the formed substances also contain a large number of harmful ingredients.

In addition, the concept of environmentally friendly products includes multiple classifications such as reusable, renewable, and degradable. It does not specifically refer to degradable. For example, in the category of environmentally friendly tableware, degradable tableware is currently facing poor water resistance and wax coating. Irregular plasticization, low adaptability, and high production costs have been restricting the promotion of products. Renewable products such as crystal tableware have beautiful appearance, high temperature resistance, non-toxic and odorless, high recycling value, and can be reprocessed into The advantages of industrial products have become the mainstream of the disposable tableware market.

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